Most companies depend on their existing customers for new sales through word of mouth advertising.


In reality your existing customers are your most important resource. So it stands to reason, if you want to grow your business, you need to work your existing customers. Here are a few starting tips:


The first step is to make sure your customers are being treated well. Take a few minutes to sit down in the office and listen to what is happening on the phones. You might be surprised at what you hear. It never hurts to spend a little time in the office to hear the interaction between your staff and your customers.


The next step is to use your existing customer information to generate new sales. If you are using the HVAC Pack Software for QuickBooks you have a unique advantage over your competitors since you are tracking the equipment that your customers own including: model, serial number, age, problems and the cost  to keep it running efficiently. Why not use this information to your advantage?


Print a report of the customers who have older equipment and review how much they have been charged to keep it running. Give them a call, they will appreciate the fact that you are aware of the problem and want to help them save money. This may also turn into an agreement opportunity.


Put a promotion together offering energy savings. This can be a home run. Buying a new unit and saving on maintenance will also save on energy costs and help the environment.


The Fireline HVACPack Software for QuickBooks provides you with the tools that you need to sell to your existing customers.

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