Payroll is by far the biggest expense for most businesses. It can also be the hardest to control. You have a good handle on what is being billed, and you know exactly what your weekly payroll is. The question is: how do you tie it all together?


Nothing can kill a business faster than losing track of lost time.

Everyone seems to be working hard, and the bills are going out, but you just can’t seem to make any money.


In a typical business, the technicians turn in their work-orders. These are billed during the billing cycle. At the end of the week, the accountant enters the payroll hours and issues checks


The problem is that none of it gets tied together. Even if the office staff is willing to pull together all the hours worked, and enter them into QuickBooks, it is a backbreaking job, and one that takes resources away from operating the business.

During the busy season, when you really need the control, it just doesn’t get done.


Fireline fills that gap by posting the hours charged to work orders to QuickBooks timesheets. You can post an entire weeks hours to the timesheets with a simple click of a button.

Now you can see exactly what you are paying for. Each technician’s billable time is shown, as are the hours charged to in-house projects. The difference between the chargeable hours weekly payroll is lost time. Time you have paid for, without benefit.

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