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Fireline Systems was started by Jack Harrison in 1999. Originally the company focused on the installation of packaged business software and hardware solutions.

After several years of trying to make generic products fit businesses with unique requirements, it became apparent that there was an enormous software demand by HVAC and plumbing mechanical service contractors who were using QuickBooks Software. With the assistance of a team of software professionals, Fireline Systems began the development of the HVAC and Plumbers Pack Service Software solution for QuickBooks to meet this demand. Fireline Systems is also an authorized Intuit QuickBooks Silver Development Partner to assure QuickBooks users of a seamless integration and support services.

Fireline Systems software was the vision and result of a team of software professionals with over 100 years of experience in the service industry.

Early on, we learned that most HVAC and plumbing service businesses used QuickBooks and Microsoft Office products to run their business but it was missing many office and field service mobile functions that were operationally disconnected with enormous duplication and overhead requirements.

To provide a seamless operational solution for QuickBooks users the software needed to provide a solid workflow process. This starts with the initial customer call or sales opportunity; tracking all of the customer communications and history; linking estimating with purchasing in QuickBooks; and finally scheduling the daily work orders on a calendar with mobile capability and finally the ability to create the customer invoices inside QuickBooks rather than requiring another accounting billing software program. As a result Fireline Systems has created a very unique seamless solution with QuickBooks for your service business.

Fireline Systems Software is specifically designed for your business

The HVAC and Plumbers Pack Service Software for QuickBooks has been specifically designed to match the needs of your service and installation operation. It is not a generic “one-size fits all” service software like so many others which also work for pest control, landscaping service and other industries.

Fireline Systems Software seamlessly plugs into your QuickBooks

The HVAC and Plumbers Pack Service Software for QuickBooks is seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks. Customer invoices are created inside your QuickBooks unlike so many other service software programs which require you to import or sync invoices from their own proprietary customer invoicing program.

Fireline Systems Software is a one-time investment -not a monthly subscription

The HVAC and Plumbers Pack Service Software for QuickBooks is installed on your office computer along with your QuickBooks and it is not a cloud-based rental program.  Cloud-based rental software programs require a fast and constant connection to the internet (100% of the time) and they tend to be fairly expensive over a 5-10 year period of use.

Fireline Systems Software is simple to use and easy to learn

Getting started with the HVAC and Plumbers Pack Service Software for QuickBooks starts with a Fireline Systems support technicians plugging the software into your QuickBooks. Most new customers are operational with their scheduling after the first hour or two of personalize one-on-one live online training with unlimited telephone support availability.

If you are looking for a simple service software solution that plugs directly into your QuickBooks request a personalized demonstration of Fireline System’s HVAC Pack Software today at (800) 890-8614.


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