HVAC Software for QuickBooks Features

HVAC Software

HVAC Software seamlessly integrates with your existing QuickBooks® Software.  You can select the features that fit your needs.  The Base Office features are the hum of your office operations.  Other optional features include:  

The Base Office features streamline your day-to-day scheduling, dispatching, customer equipment history,  PM's and agreements, along with your billing integration to QuickBooks.

You can track your customer work order history including both service and installations.  A convenient Google Map is provided with your scheduling calendar(s) to help with routing your technicians.



The Office Estimating and Proposal Module allows you to create customer estimates and proposals using the QuickBooks® items list plus other Excel part list spreadsheets perhaps provided by your suppliers. Estimates may be activated as sales to create installation work orders which may be scheduled on the calendars.

Call Center and Opportunities Tracking

Detailed tracking of all incoming calls allows you to track the advertising or referral source for new customers; Recording all of your incoming telephone messages which can be turned into sales or service opportunities;  Call lists to review and track all of your calls to be sure they have been completed. 

The Job Contracts Module allows you to create a schedule of values, create multiple work orders, track costs and do progress billings. It does not support printing the AIA G703 or G703 forms. Invoices are created in QuickBooks®.

The Management Insights Graphs ( similar to the QuickBooks® Insight Graphs) allows you to see graphical snap-shots with drill-down capability for items like: Technician Profitability, Call Backs, Gross Sales by Sales Rep, Unbilled Work Orders, Active Agreements and Renewals Pending and Sales Conversions.

GPS Interface Module allows you to connect your Traxxis GPS service with your Fireline calendarTraxxisGPS is an approved Fireline Systems GPS service partner.  Fireline Systems provides an optional GPS Integration Module which pulls your GPS truck locations into the Fireline Dispatch Board Map to view both your service work orders and truck locations.

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