Hvac Mobile Paperless Solution for Quickbooks

Mobile & Paperless Solution for Quickbooks

Welcome to this presentation of Fireline Systems HVAC Field Service mobile software solution for QuickBooks.

The HVAC software for QuickBooks mobile software provides many benefits for your company. It reduces the paperwork duplication headaches that you normally have with paperwork orders. It also allows you to turn around your cash flow quicker by being able to get those work orders back to the office faster and bill quicker.

You will also have increased productivity obviously both in the office and in the field with your ability to turn the information around faster from the field technicians to the office. This also helps to improve your customer service and response time. And for those in the office, your QuickBooks is secure because your technicians have not accessed to your QuickBooks.

Getting started with the Fireline Systems HVAC software for QuickBooks mobile software is easy.

  • You will need either an Android or Apple tablet or smartphone that's connected to your cellular carrier.
  • Once that's completed you will download the field service software mobile from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Apple Store.
  • After they are loaded to that device your technicians are ready to begin.
  • In the office on your office scheduling calendar, your dispatchers can go ahead and create their new daily work orders and drag them into the appropriate technician's column on the calendar.
  • Once they're scheduled into the proper column all they need to do is right click on those work orders to send them to the field technicians device.

In this example, the office has sent two work orders to Tommy out to his mobile device. Those work orders arrived on his iPad mobile app. When he clicks on one of the work orders the HVAC software for QuickBooks mobile app on his device takes over. At this point, he's able to select any of the buttons on the mobile app. You'll notice that the service location address, as well as the billing address, appears with any additional information that was sent from the office. Tommy starts by selecting the map to get directions from where he's at to the next job location. Once he arrives at the job he can take some pictures. This may be serial plates or anything else that he'd like to have attached directly to that work order back in the office for history.

Work Order History

He also might want to actually pull up the prior equipment work order history of who worked on this job site prior to him going out there today. The HVAC software for QuickBooks mobile software app will actually allow Tommy to look at up to 15 of the latest historical work orders. He also has the ability to drill down into these prior historical work orders. If the office has set up the installed equipment in the office software  Tommy will be able to see these pieces of equipment. If the office hasn't had time to set the equipment for this job site location  Tommy can actually go ahead and put in the type of equipment model serial number and other information helping to the office to build up the list of installed customer equipment in the office software.

Tommy also has the ability to see if there are any active contracts with this equipment.  He can see the status of whether there is an active contract or not and if the equipment is actually covered under that service agreement. Tommy has the ability then to go ahead and type or just talk into the device to record his job notes. It saves a lot of time and it also helps the people in the office to read Tommy's job information.

Time & Material Tracking

The status button gives Tommy the ability to actually record with a timestamp when he starts his work and completes the work. This helps the office to know for billing purposes how much time Tommy was at this specific job site. Tommy can record the parts used along with labor hours and any miscellaneous items. He can also record his actual start and stop time to be updated into the QuickBooks Time Sheet register for this particular job.

The technicians cannot get into your QuickBooks software in the office. They can, however, pick items from the QuickBooks items list using their mobile device or from an Excel parts list which might be your flat rate list. In this example Tommy picks a thermostat records an hour for labor and a trip charge. Prices can be shown or not show depending on the type of work order.

Invoice Screen

Let's go ahead and review the invoice screen for commercial work you'll see here that we've got the items to Tommy worked on without any pricing. We have the description of the work performed along with any recommendations. The customer has authorized with a signature and we have recorded the persons name. In the case of a COD residential work order, we have the option to show the pricing. The technicians can complete the payment type indicating if it was a check, cash or credit card. You can also select the type of credit card.

The service technician has the option to email the customer a receipt prior to sending the completed work order back to the office. This helps to speed up cash flow because we're able to actually get that invoice or sales receipt created in QuickBooks processed the same day the job is completed. When the work order arrives back at the office it automatically connects to the original work order in the work order register. Any pictures will also be connected automatically to the work order.

The office staff can review the work order and make any corrections or changes. When that has been completed the office staff person can select the line items with a simple checkmark. These items will automatically create the line items in the QuickBooks invoices and sales receipts. This concludes our brief overview of the Fireline Systems HVAC Field Service mobile software solution for QuickBooks.

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