Back in the days before the internet, you would simply open the phone book and call the first company in line. Now that our entire world revolves around being online, HVAC companies find that they need to do a lot more marketing work to get their business. There are many HVAC lead boosting strategies out there today. It’s not about how to boost leads anymore, but what is the best way. 

Your two main considerations should be time cost. In this post, we’ll discuss the best HVAC lead boosting strategies for your business. 

Lead Gen Platforms 

These are probably the most common for HVAC companies. It includes companies like Home Advisor and Yelp. They may be easy, but they tend to use up your marketing budget quickly. Studies show that Thumbtack tends to give HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies the best ROI for their marketing costs. 

Boost Your Online Presence

Google ranks, blogging, social media - these are all ways to put your business out there in front of the eyes of potential clients. The more quality content you put out there, the more views you’ll get, and then the more leads you’ll gain. You don’t have to focus your entire online presence around your business and services. You can provide information on all kinds of things that relate to HVAC such as repair questions, maintenance information, tips, etc. Don’t forget to include links to all your online platforms on all your online platforms. Potential clients will usually want to get a feel for a company online before they ever think about picking up the phone for that first call, so make sure what you are putting out there is a good, quality feel. 

Strategize SEO

No one calls an HVAC company before they are actually in the need of some service or work done. What usually happens is that a problem comes up, the client types in a quick Google search for HVAC companies in their area, and then clicks on the first few links that come up. That means that you need to make sure your website is optimized to be in those first few links that pop up. 

Some tips for SEO optimization include:

- Make sure your website looks clean, professional, and includes information for all your services and contact. If your website is lacking on any of these, the potential client is likely to move on to the next link. 

- Create a page for each service you offer and be as specific as possible. People don’t always search for an HVAC company, sometimes they search for the specific service or problem. 

- Try partnering with other local companies and linking to each others websites. Backlinks are great SEO tools to get you ranking higher, and if you are both linking to each other, you both reap the benefits. 

Create a Free Offer

Coupons, discounts, free inspections, downloadable content - these are all things you can offer a potential client to download for free in exchange for their contact information. This way you can not only get leads, but you can keep up with past leads so that your company is always in their mind. Just remember that the higher the value of the content, the more likely the person will be to give you their information. 

Now that you know the basics about lead generation, it’s important to keep up with your business’s organization, payroll, scheduling, technicians, and work order history. That’s where HVAC Pack by Fireline Systems comes in. 

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